AMP Aero Services Increases Aftermarket Support with Pratt & Whitney 4000 Aircraft Engine Material Package Acquisition

Miami, FL. July 21, 2021—AMP Aero Services, LLC. (AMP Aero) is enhancing its support capabilities.  Today, AMP Aero announced that they have acquired a large material package of Pratt & Whitney 4000 (PW4000) 100-inch engine components.

The PW4000 package contains many high-value and in-demand components.   Material included but not limited to is HPC and HPT blades & vanes.  The transaction was completed this week in which the material will be available for immediate sale and necessary repairs.

In addition, AMP Aero is inviting all suppliers and airlines who have material to sell to send to them for potential purchasing review.  These inquiries can be sent to

“We are aggressively seeking material to add to our portfolio to support our global customer base.  The PW4000 engine material will further support our Airbus A330, Boeing 767, and Boeing 747 clients,” said Ambalik Argarwal, Managing Partner of AMP Aero Services, LLC.


For the last two years, AMP Aero has been increasing its assets portfolio and is committed to assuring they have the necessary ready-to-go material for their clients.  In addition, their global sales & support team is available 24/7/365 days to support both routine and AOG requirements.



About AMP Aero Services
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, AMP Aero Services, LLC. is a global materials solutions provider for aftermarket aircraft & engine material.  AMP Aero Services, LLC. is committed to quality and holds various certifications and approvals. The quality certifications include ISO9001:2015, ASA-100 and TAC2000.  In addition, AMP Aero is a Federal Aviation Administration AC00-56B accredited company.  Furthermore, they are strategically located within minutes of the Miami International Airport to facilitate any global requirement and have a customer-first philosophy.


For more information, visit and to request a quote please send to .

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